Why is Drupal better than WordPress?

Drupal and WordPress are two of the most popular and widely used content management platforms in the world of web development. Both systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, but in this article, we will explore why Drupal is a better option than WordPress for some web projects.

Before delving into the reasons, it is important to note that both platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, WordPress is ideal for smaller and less complex websites, while Drupal is more scalable and better suited for larger and more complex websites.

So, why choose Drupal over WordPress? Here are some reasons:

It is more scalable

One of Drupal's main advantages is its scalability. This content management system is ideal for large and complex web projects that require a lot of custom functionalities and a highly organized website structure. On the other hand, WordPress performs better in smaller and simpler projects.

It is more secure

Security is an important issue in any web project. Drupal stands out in this regard, as it is more secure than WordPress. The developer community is very active and dedicated, constantly working on security updates and vulnerability patches. In addition, Drupal has a more robust and secure architecture than WordPress.

According to a report from Sucuri, a web security company, in 2019, 90% of hacked websites used WordPress as their content management platform.

In 2020, WordPress was the most attacked content management platform, with 84% of all attacks targeting WordPress websites, according to a report from Wordfence, a web security company specialized in this technology.

Plugin and theme vulnerabilities are one of the main causes of WordPress security issues. In 2020, Wordfence reported that 98% of the exploited vulnerabilities were in third-party themes.

According to a 2020 Sucuri report, brute force attacks (i.e., attempts to guess passwords) are one of the most common forms of attack on WordPress websites.

Drupal is more flexible
Another advantage of Drupal is its flexibility. It is a very adaptable platform that can be customized to meet the specific needs of a web project, including different types of websites, such as online stores for e-commerce management.

This content management system offers a wide range of modules and themes that allow for easy and effective customization of website design and functionality to publish content.

It has a large and active community

Drupal has a large community of developers and users who work together to improve and develop the platform. As a result, there are plenty of resources and support available to users of this open-source technology.

The community is vibrant and committed, composed of thousands of programmers, designers, testers, documenters, and other contributors from around the world. They work together to develop and improve the software, which includes writing code, fixing bugs, providing technical support, developing documentation, and much more.

This community is unique for several reasons. First, it is very diverse. Its members come from all over the world and have different backgrounds, skills, and perspectives. This diversity is a strength that allows the community to tackle challenges creatively and produce innovative solutions.

Second, it is very close-knit. Community members support each other, gather at conferences and online meetings, and work together to solve problems and improve the software. This sense of community is critical to Drupal's success, as it helps keep members motivated and engaged.

Finally, it is very active. Its members regularly contribute to the software and related Drupal projects and share their knowledge and experiences online and in-person. This constant activity helps ensure that this CMS remains innovative and relevant.

It has better user and permission management.

User and permission management is an important feature in any content platform or CMS. This management system offers more advanced user and permission functionalities than WordPress, allowing site administrators to control access and permissions more effectively.

It offers better multilingual support

Drupal is known for its excellent multilingual capabilities, making it a great choice for websites that need to be presented in multiple languages. It offers built-in support for over 100 languages and allows for easy translation of all content, including menus, taxonomy terms, and even URL aliases. This makes it easier for businesses to reach global audiences and expand their online presence.

Famous websites using Drupal

There are many famous websites that use this open-source software as their content management platform. Here are some of the most notable ones:

The Economist

The Economist is a world-renowned news and financial analysis website that uses Drupal as its content management platform. The website is known for its sleek design and well-organized content, made possible by Drupal's flexibility and scalability.

The White House

The website of the White House, the center of political power in the United States, also uses Drupal as its content management platform. The website is highly complex and requires a lot of customization and custom functionalities, making it an ideal use case for this CMS.

NBC Universal

NBC Universal is a leading media and entertainment company in the world, using Drupal as its content management platform for its website.

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