Developing a livestock management platform using iOT technology.


Ixoriguè was born from a team of ranchers, veterinarians, engineers, developers, and economists who made the solution possible for the severe problem where extensive cattle farming finds itself.

Its flagship product is a collar to put on each cow. The collar automatically records the location and all the cow's movements, sending all data to the cloud thanks to networks adapted to rural areas (LoRaWAN and NB-IoT). The platform processes all the information and notifies of all relevant events.

The great challenge for Link was to understand such an innovative product and generate an entire universe around the brand, a product that digitizes extensive livestock farming and its processes.

We must create digital services that will help users to facilitate the reading of the information obtained from advanced IoT devices, configure alerts based on the lessons of the devices and avoid unnecessary costs, reporting all possible actions and events that may pose a risk to the animal, in real-time.

We will create a current and visual image that communicates the essence of the brand to help users connect among products.