BTS Group leads merger of its two investee companies: Trackglobe in Spain and Grupo Link in Latin America.

With over 20 years of experience, the two companies bring together their teams and digital products to continue making their clients’ digital transformation possible.

Miami, United States - November 25, 2022

The merger between Grupo Link and TrackGlobe was completed in October of 2022; this process is soundly supported by its main benchmark investor Grupo BTS (www.bts.io)

Trackglobe also had the presence of Barrabés (www.barrabes.biz), its other partner. Both are important holdings that have an ecosystem of companies and solutions in the telecommunications and consultancy industries in digital transformation and innovation.

With this merger, we intend to broaden our development capacity; to have teams in different regions that will allow us to be competitive according to availability and prices; last to all, it will allow us to increase our portfolio digital products and services.

A new brand: Link Digital

The brand that will identify the merger is now “Link Digital”, with renewed visual identity that not only conveys our portfolio of solutions, services and products but our corporate values: value contribution, integrity, respect and ongoing learning; our company TrackGlobe, will preserve its company name yet will start being identified with our commercial brand Link.

Benefits of the Merger

This merger results in:

  • Greater international coverage, with our own branches in Zaragoza (Spain), Bogotá (Colombia), Quito and Guayaquil (Ecuador), Managua (Nicaragua), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and Panama City (Panama).
  • A broad portfolio of solutions, allowing us to offer our clients services in different clouds (Azure, AWS, Google), IBM) and technologies (.Net, php, Java), among others.
  • Broad portfolio of software products: process digitalization, innovation, collection management; intranet, customer loyalty among others.
  • And in sum, being globally present, which will allow us to offer our clients the best rates, maintaining high quality standards in or solutions and digital services.

Who we are


TrackGlobe was founded Zaragoza in 2002; its business focus has been managing project digitalization and automatizing processes using our own platforms within Microsoft environments.

It also has ample experience in implementing corporate innovation and e-commerce platforms.


Founded in 1999, and present in Latam the company is specialized in offering technological development solutions and staff augmentation to important organization not only in the telecommunications industry but in the public and multilateral sector, retail, mass consumption, construction, among others.

Some projects developed by Link have received meaningful industry awards, including the Webby Awards, W3 Awards and BID Lab.